O Captain!


I don’t remember Robin Williams not making me laugh.

When I was young, I watched Mork and Mindy reruns with my mom. I grew up when Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, and Flubber came out. The Birdcage made me feel like just because I was the only non close minded person in my podunk town, didn’t mean I was the only one in the world. Patch Adams, What Dreams May Come, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Death to Smoochy, etc., etc., etc. Even The Crazy Ones last TV season. I’ve never known a world without Robin Williams being such a talent in anything I saw.

I introduced my son to Mrs. Doubtfire this morning. He hasn’t laughed that hard at anything on television, ever. As an adult, the movie is less entertaining to me, as I can much more identify with Fields’ character, but the end still gets me. Particularly Mrs. Doubtfire saying good bye.

When the news broke August 11, I was shocked, as were most people. I dreaded telling my husband, who loves Robin Williams. I am selfishly glad that he found out before we spoke. That night I watched The Birdcage and laughed.

As someone who didn’t know him at all, I’m so sad that he’s gone. I wonder if the Parkinson’s diagnosis was the last straw. Maybe he was terrified at the thought of not being able to make people laugh anymore. He struggled with his demons, and I’m so sorry that they won.

Since his passing, I’ve seen so much about his work, his talent, but most importantly, so much about his kindness. He was a father and a husband, and a dear friend to so many.

I don’t believe in an afterlife, I think when we die, we just cease to exist. Hopefully we’ve left something worth remembering. Robin Williams left so many somethings.




Social Media, or First World Problems.

I use my Facebook like most people, to post articles I read that I want to share, keep family and friends updated. I have seen so much ignorance re: Ferguson, and have posted two separate things about it.

I have a wide variety of friends and family, with different views, religions, opposite ends of the political spectrum, etc. If you don’t agree with me over something I post, fine. If you say something about it, even better. We can discuss, right? Apparently not. A friend from high school posted something on a Ferguson article I posted, saying she didn’t think it was racism, we should just group all unjustifiable police homicides in one category. I like reading different point of views, and I responded as to why I didn’t think we could group them all the same. She deletes her comments, and posts the same exact thing on her own wall. I guess more people agree with her over there.

So, like the blunt girl I am, I make a comment about how I hate the delete function. She comes back, reposts her post, continues to discuss. She then deletes all her posts not about her dog or child, and posts something sanctimonious about not having her Facebook as an information page, just about her life. Okay, who cares? If you want to discuss, do so. If you want to post ‘hot topics’, do so. Just stand by it, don’t delete everything because someone dares to disagree with you. If you don’t want to hear a different view, don’t post something that is guaranteed to do just that.

This rarely happens to me. Anyone who knows me, knows I deal with a crazy political person, and he can’t see my posts. When he could, I was kind and level headed when disagreeing with him.  As I could be. If I had someone do that on every status, I wouldn’t post that kind of thing anymore. Luckily, I’ve only had the one issue. This girl has a ton of people kissing her ass on her wall, so I know she’s not dealing with that. The last time this happened to me, a dear friend stopped talking me because she said I was too liberal. That happened over me applauding a young man refusing to recite the Pledge because he felt we all weren’t equal in this country. My bad.

I just can’t take the back pedaling and acting like a child because someone disagrees with you. I don’t care if people agree with me, obviously, and I know not everyone is going to agree with every single thing you think. Her posts are hidden for now. I may revisit deleting her later. This whole situation is just so obnoxious to me.

Side note: People from my hometown acting like black people are to blame for their scuffles with police or claiming racism is dead; thank you for reminding me why I don’t live there anymore. Your ignorance is showing.

Cutting Off The Nose To Spite The Face.

I love Mayim Bialik. I love that she’s not afraid to share her beliefs and opinions. She’s an intelligent woman, she and her character on Big Bang share a degree. When her attachment parenting book came out, she faced a ton of criticism, and handled it gracefully without backing down from her convictions.

That being said, I’ve found myself being disappointed with her as of late. It started when she posted an editorial Jon Voight contributed, ‘calling out’ celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem for speaking against Israel’s actions in regard to Gaza. Side note: Are people actually taking anything Jon Voight says seriously? I haven’t for years. Moving on. I don’t understand, but I realize the plight of the Israelis, I do. I know what’s happened to them and it’s despicable and abomidable. No one is discounting what they have been through.

Today, I read Ms. Bialik’s post on Kveller, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. It doesn’t have anything to do with religion. If I saw someone wearing a Star of David, I wouldn’t approach them and badger them about Israel’s actions. I also wouldn’t assume they stood with Israel. Her caption for the post she shared on Facebook in part read: “despite all of the hate for Jews I’m seeing here.” sealed my feelings about her attitude. I glanced at the comments on her other posts, and there is minor prejudicial commentary. Out of 200 comments, I saw maybe 2. I don’t know if that’s the hate she was referring to, but if it is, it’s not really overwhelming. The majority is praise and support, which more than cancels out the bad. Not excusing those little keyboard warriors, they suck, but it’s not predominant.

I am not a fan of Israel’s actions in the least. Gaza is small, and Israel is bombing schools, hospitals, and shelters. I understand defending yourself against Hamas, but they aren’t targeting them. I do not like Hamas either, and find their actions inexcusable as well. All that being said, it has nothing to do with religion. If the predominant religion in Israel was Mormonism, it wouldn’t change my feelings. If I subscribed to any religious sect, I would not associate myself with their warfare. When a country, person, group, etc., is doing unconscionable things, you speak up. Look at all the people in the US that spoke out against the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. When we were bombing Baghdad, so many made sure to make their voices heard.

I don’t like reading stories about children dying because of bombs, or seeing a Twitter feed of a 16 year old girl who has never known what freedom is like. Hamas is in the wrong, but Israel likes to make sure their enemies are aware of their capabilities. Hamas stepped on their foot, and they’re cutting off heads.

Sorry, Mayim. I have to unlike you on Facebook. I thought an educated, compassionate woman such as yourself would speak against atrocities. Not excuse them.

Links for Voight’s Letter and Ms. Bialik’s column



Still Learning.

I have always considered myself an open minded person. Especially with the gay community. I never thought being gay was a sin, and didn’t the issue with homosexual couples getting married. However, I never really ‘got’ the transgender community and their struggle. I thought it was a conscious decision on their part, to live as the opposite gender. I understood that some felt the need to transition, but again, I didn’t really get it. Last summer, a Netflix show starring trans woman Laverne Cox premiered, and I had a small epiphany, that maybe it wasn’t as much a choice as I thought.

Earlier this year, author Janet Mock was a guest on Piers Morgan. This made headlines, because of his insensitive questions and unwillingness to empathize with her struggle. A few weeks later, I saw Ms. Mock on the Colbert Report. I was struck by her beauty, and thought ‘I would never know she was trans. How gorgeous is she?” Which now I recognize as offensive, and I shouldn’t say it out loud. Moving on. I was intrigued by her, the way she described being trans. She has written a book ‘Redefining Realness’. I read it in 3 days.

To say I was moved is an understatement. I finally understood the struggle that trans people face. I’ll never experience it, but now I can empathize. Mock’s story is a sad one, yet there’s a happy ending. I follow her and Cox on Twitter, and these two women are among the fiercest I’ve encountered. Their passion and willingness to help others by telling their own stories is admirable. I know I am grateful for the opportunity to learn what being transgendered really is all about. Laverne Cox made the cover of Time this month, no small feat. Her show, Orange is the New Black, comes back June 6th, and she’s been nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award. She and fellow trans woman(also a model), Carmen Carrera, appeared on Katie Couric earlier this year. They handled that with eloquence and grace, in spite of Couric’s inane questions.

I know these two women have made huge differences for the transgender community. I hope that more people are able to step into the light and be accepted for who they are.

Read Janet Mock’s book, Redefining Realness. You won’t regret it.

End of an Era.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything. Sorry, guys. I started college, my parents visited, and my child hit the terrible two’s. It’s been busy.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you heard of David Letterman’s impending retirement, and Stephen Colbert being named as his replacement. I haven’t watched Dave in years, but it was still a bit sad for me to hear.

When I was in junior high, my dad owned a little arcade/general store. He’d get home around the time Dave came on, and I’d still be awake. I didn’t see him much then, he was working a lot, so this started our tradition of watching Dave and talking. We talked about everything, college, religion, politics. Stupid human and pet tricks were our favorite episodes, along with the bird callers. Anytime I think of my dad during my childhood, this sticks out in my mind. As far as I remember, this only lasted one summer. My dad got a job in the fall that was a regular 9-5, and I had to go back to school, thus going to bed earlier. We’d stay up on the weekends sporadically and chat, but it wasn’t the same. Letterman has always held an emotional attachment for me, even when my dad stopped watching him because he said Dave got ‘old and bitter’.

So long, Dave. Thanks for the memories.

A Long Time Ago; We Used to Be Friends.



I got into Veronica Mars shortly after it was cancelled. She was, and still is, one of my favorite female TV characters. She was spunky, quick witted, wonderfully flawed. Alas, the CW didn’t agree and cancelled VMars, leaving so much left unfinished.

When I heard about Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas’ Kickstarter campaign, I was giddy. So many people I knew were fans, I had no doubt the movie would get made. I even kicked in $20.

Cut to last weekend. I had been impatiently waiting for the movie to come out. I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, I wouldn’t like the plot, etc. I was worried for nothing.

The Veronica Mars movie was such a wonderful love letter to fans of the show. It was like a season, condensed into an hour and 47 minute movie. Everyone was there, Dick, Madison, Wallace, Mac, Piz, Keith, Sachs, Weevil, Vinnie, and of course Logan. Who, by the way, ages like a fine wine. That Navy uniform? Drool. To quote Cougar Town, “he makes my lady parts beep”. Sorry. Or not.

I love that Veronica left everything behind, tried to start over and be a completely different person, only to turn it all back upside down. I love so much about the movie, I don’t have enough words. I have absolutely no criticism. Everyone just seamlessly transitioned back to their characters. Nothing about it felt stiff or forced. Given that it’s been 10 years since they’ve played those roles, that’s impressive.

Please, more Veronica Mars. Go to Netflix and bring it back, a la Arrested Development. Or a sequel. I’d be content with that.


You Learn.


The Paula Cole station on Pandora IS my teenage years.

I was listening to it during dishes, and was astounded that every single song was one that I played ad nauseam in my room, on my cd player/radio. (Except the Sixpence None the Richer ones. Do I have to thumbs down every single one to get Pandora not to play them?) Mostly I listened to angry girl or depressive girl music. Lots of Alanis and Sarah McLachlan. My poor dad.

Now I want to watch old episodes of My So Called Life and drool over Jordan Catalano. Sigh.

Ron Who?


The Oscars were Sunday. I love them. I’ve watched them every year since about 3rd grade.

I was mostly happy with the winners. Aside from McConaughey beating out Leo.

Don’t get me wrong, Dallas Buyers Club was an outstanding film. Leto was amazing, Garner should have been nominated. Then there is Matthew McConaughey. He did a good job, but the role didn’t seem like much of a stretch for him. Ignorant Texan? Really? He changes and becomes more accepting in the film, but still. I think his acting on True Detective is far superior.

Let’s be honest. I didn’t want to hear his acceptance speech. Alright alright alright?

He said nothing about the man he portrayed, the AIDS fight, the ridiculousness that is the healthcare system. Instead, he thanked god. I never understood that. If there’s a supreme being, I sincerely doubt he cares about Matthew McConaughey.

He talks about his dad dancing in his underwear in heaven, with a can of beer and gumbo. About how he’ll never be his own hero. He thanks the normal people, his wife and kids, his mom, his costars and director. He ends his speech with two quotes from Dazed and Confused. Really. Most of the headlines I saw the morning after were ‘Matthew McConaughey Gave Exactly the Speech You’d Expect from Him’ or ‘McConaughey Thanks Himself in Speech’. A guy who has Magic Mike on his list of recent movies should really be more humble.

My Little Brony.


I was going to write yesterday about Bronies. But, my husband came home from work early and I had a few drinks. It’s probably good that I didn’t write.

If you haven’t seen the Brony documentary on Netflix, watch it. I had heard about it from several friends, but was unsure what to expect going into it.

The men and boys in the documentary were sympathetic characters. For a lot of them, My Little Pony helped them deal with life better than they had been. For example, one man in the UK with Asperger’s and social anxiety made the trek to a Bronycon. It was a safe place, he knew no one would be mean to him, and he came out of his shell.

The creators of the show were fairly shocked that a huge fan following of predominately grown men began. They treat the Bronies well, come to Bronycon. Of course they are making lots of money off them, I wouldn’t expect them to treat them any differently.

There’s a huge market for Brony art, music remixes, clothing, accessories, fan fiction, etc. It’s amazing how much is actually out there. Do a DeviantArt search for My Little Pony. Hundreds of thousands of results show up. There are even separate military Brony communities.

As much as there is pro-Brony merch, there is plenty of mocking. There was a petition on Change.org to cancel MLP:FIM. They only got 65 signatures. There are groups who call themselves anti-Brony and want to eradicate Bronies, mostly by violence. There have been a few news stories lately of Bronies being attacked and seriously injured.

Let’s be honest here. It’s weird, that grown men are obsessed with My Little Pony. Real weird. However, there are so many other scarier things they could be into. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is at least harmless.

I just put them in the same category as Trekkies. They hang out, they have their own little language, fan fiction, conventions.

Keep on keeping on, Brony dudes. At least you guys seem nice.

P.S. Every time I hear the MLP theme, the Apocalypse Pony song goes through my head. Thanks, husband.

Naptime for Mom.


Ain’t that the truth.

When R was little, all my energy used to get zapped away by his loud cries. All I wanted was sleep.

Now, it’s the screeching. He’s officially hit the terrible twos. I think my blood is mostly espresso these days. I go to bed early, nap when he does. It’s exhausting. No one tells you how tired you’ll actually be.

I love him, he’s such a bright, sweet, funny guy. But that yelling has got to go.


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